What do you think are the most common mistakes that the store owners make?
First mistake is not investing in a good branding, logo and brand guides. Second would be not doing a research and knowing their competitors. Sometimes they can't even recognize their true competitors. For example, a shoe startup lists Nike as their competitor. Their true competitor is another startup that made it. Third would be not investing in a high quality product pictures.
Can you create an animations?
Yes, I can create JavaScript and SVG animations.
Can you design an animations?
In some cases I can design, but if your design is not my style I will prefer that you find a graphic designer that will provide the graphics and I will animate them.
Can you make a video?
No, I am not a video creator.
I have my own design, can I hire you to code it?
Yes, I can code from your design.
Is there any design file format that you prefer to work with?
No, I can code any layered file: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, xD, Figma.
Will you tell us if from your experience we are doing something wrong with our store?
Yes, I am here to provide a full support and advise you on the best practice. I have worked on more than 500 stores and I know what works and what not.
I have a graphic designer, will you be able to work with him/her?
Yes, I can collaborate with your other team members (designer, copywriters, videographers, photographers...)
Do you use page builders?
No, I don't. Neither on Shopify or WordPress. Website built with a page builder can't be optimized for speed (Shopify/WordPress) and you don't have control over your content (Shopify).
Why are you not speaking at the conferences?
Because I am too busy and my business model is different. I find happiness in helping other businesses by building their awesome website.
Do you take every client?
No, I take clients that are a good match. It is important that we're on the same page and that we can collaborate.
Do you do any marketing?
I do on-site SEO and I can help you setup many marketing things such as email, analytics, social media etc.
What payment method can I use to pay for your services?
Checks, ACH/Wire, PayPal.
Do you accept bitcoins as a payment?
Yes, I accept BTC and some other crypto currency.
What is the best way to send you the assets?
Put all of your assets in one folder if possible and share the link with me (Goole Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer...) - make sure the access is public or my email has been added to the folder.
I have some nice images but they have a background, will you be able to remove it?
Do you provide stock images or I will have to do it?
I can provide some stock image, mostly from Shutterstock. In case you want to use higher quality and more expensive image (for example Getty Images), you will have to provide it.
We have just built our website with another company but our conversion is bad, can we hire you to review our website and fix it?
I don't do that type of work, but you can hire me to redesign your website.
Why do you think our conversion is bad?
Many factors can affect your conversion including bad branding (logo, colors, font), bad flow, bad user-experience, amateurish product pictures, low quality content, unclear message etc
What is the best way to communicate?
Email is always a good way to communicate with me, but I can use any of your preferred platforms (Asana, Jira, Slack, Trello, Basecamp, Wrike...)
What about a video calls?
I can use Zoom, GoToMeeting, Hangouts, Skype etc
Will I be able to change the content on my website?
Yes, all my themes (WP and Shopify) are fully editable and client can manage the content without depending on me.
Will my website be responsive?
Yes, it will look equally good on all platforms and devices.
We use Hubspot (Salesforce, Zoho...) - can you help us integrate?
Yes, I have worked with the most popular CRM platforms (Huspot CRM, Salesforce, Zoho...) and I can help you integrate)
Have you ever worked with Pardot, Marketo, Unbounce, Infusionsoft (Keap)?
Yes, let me know what exactly do you need.
What is the e-mail platform that you recommend?
For an e-commerce website I definitely recommend Klaviyo.
How do you find your clients?
They usually find me on Upwork, Shopify Experts and Linkedin.
Can I call any of your clients and ask about you?
No, I don't share any of my client's info with anyone. And that is also an outdate practice that values word more than the actual work. Most of my client wants to work with me based on my portfolio and reviews.
Have any of your client have any change in their sales after redesigning their website?
I have seen clients move from $5k a month to $50k a month in less than a 6 months, from $10k to $50k in 3 months and from $300k to a $1M in 4 months. But, I must add, I can't take all the credits. They have invested in the marketing too and a new website is the first step of their marketing campaign. No matter how good marketing is, if the website is bad, conversion will be affected.
Do you work with dropshipping websites?
If you are referring to the website that dropship from eg. Aliexpress using an app like Oberlo - then the answers is no.
Do you do content writing?
How do we start?
Please read this article here.


How long does The Polisher last?
With regular use, The Polisher will last 6 to 9 months. We will be selling replacement Polishers in early 2021.
How much is the cost of shipping?
For a single kit box, Continental U.S. shipping is $5.90
What hosting do you recommend for WordPress/Woocommerce?
We use XYZ hosting/server, will you be able to work with it?
I can work with any server/hosting.
What do you need from me to access my server/hosting?
I need a CPanel access; or (S)FTP+Database or SSH access, if CPanel is not something you can share.
I am using GoDaddy, can you work with it?
Yes, please add my email as a collaborator.
Can you make a custom WP/Woocommerce plugin?
Yes, I can code a custom plugin based on your requirements.


2. Why do you work with Shopify?
I have worked with many platforms, but I find Shopify to be one of the best. I didn't like some of the popular platforms as they were unnecessarily too robust and non intuitive. I also work with WordPress/Woocommerce as an alternative e-commerce platform.
Is Shopify better than Woocommerce?
They are different. Shopify is SAAS hosted by Shopify, WP/Woocommerce is hosted on your server. Shopify takes care of everything (server, SSL, CDN, security...), on WP/Woocommerce you have to take care of all these things by yourself. On the other hand WP/Woocommerce gives you more flexibility on the back-end and you can build almost everything. Shopify has very little access to the backend, which is mostly taken care by 3rd party apps and API. API access can be limited for some project and 3rd party apps have access to your data.
How do I connect my domain with my Shopify store?
I can do it for you. In case you can't provide the access to your domain registrant, you can do it yourself by accessing Online Store->Domains->Connect existing domain, and adding your domain, then changing the A and CNAME records.
Do you build a Shopify custom themes from scratch or you use already built themes?
I can build a theme from scratch, but many times my clients and I agree that is better to use a hybrid approach and build a custom website within a good starter theme.
What are the benefits of the hybrid approach?
The hybrid approach saves lots of time (and money) as many themes has lot of functionality already included in them and instead of re-inveting the wheel, we will re-use that functionality.
What is the Shopify theme that you recommend?
There are few themes that I recommend to most of my clients, but I can also choose the theme that is closest to the design and functionality that your website requires.
Do you know liquid?
Yes, I know liquid inside out.
I sell CBD product, do you know what payment I can use on Shopify?
Yes, I will let you know once we start working and help you integrate.

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