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The following questions will help us understand better the scope of your project:

1. Please describe your organization in a few sentences.
2. What is the purpose of this site?
3. What action(s) should the user perform when visiting your site?
4. Target market:
5. Who are your main competitors?
6. What is your budget for this project?
7. What is your deadline for completing the site?
8. Please list the names of 3 other sites that you like.
9. What do you NOT want on your site in terms of text, content, etc.?
10. Do you have a logo? If this is a redesign will you provide a new logo and branding?
11. Do you have the content and the assets ready? If this is a redesign, will the content stay the same?

E-commerce questions:

1. How many products do you have?
2. Do you have a complex product with many variants or options?
3. Are you migrating to Shopify/Woocommerce? If so what is your current platform.
4. Do you want to migrate your old orders and customers?
5. Do you need a subscription option?
6. How much the store generates in sales per year?

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