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If you have any other question not covered here please email us at

What is your refund policy

You can request refund 24 hours before the call.

What is the usual project turn around

Although every project is different, the Starter projects usually take 4 weeks, while bigger projects can take up to 60 days and more. It also depends on the workload we have at that moment, so we suggest booking in advance to make sure your website will be scheduled.

Can I book up-front?

If you are still working on your product and brand development and not ready to start now, you can schedule your project up to 1 year in advanced and reschedule it up to 3 times. If you need to reschedule after that, we will try to accommodate.

Can I reschedule my consultation

Yes, you can email me with the time that works for you and I will try to make myself available or suggest a different time.